Simon is an experienced trainer and has worked with various Local Authority Psychology Services, Specialist Teaching Teams, school staff groups and providers of continuing professional development in the West Midlands.

Simon delivers training that is enjoyable, jargon-free and focused on the needs of the organisation.

Simon offers training in these areas:

CBT with Children and Young People in Schools: Start-Up Guide
Much CBT training is pitched towards professionals working in a clinical context with adult clients and as a consequence is difficult to apply straight away to practice in schools. Simon gained his CBT accreditation solely from working as a Local Authority Educational Psychologist and in this training he uses his experience to get to the core skills and techniques required. This 2-day workshop covers all the fundamentals of assessment, formulation and intervention in a practical way as well as useful additional mindfulness techniques from third wave cognitive therapies.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): the CBT EPs have been waiting for?
CBT has not remained static since the groundbreaking work of Beck and Ellis, and in recent years “third wave” approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) have emerged. ACT takes its name from one of its core messages: accept what is out of your control and commit to taking action that improves your life. To do this ACT helps clients to be clear about their values and teaches mindfulness skills in order to manage difficult thoughts and feelings more effectively. In this 2-day workshop Simon demonstrates how EPs can use ACT in schools to enhance their therapeutic work.

Follow this link to read more about Simon’s work in schools using ACT: Struggling with a Monster: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Anxious Students.

ACT for Staff Well-being
The importance of staff well-being is becoming increasingly recognised in all employment sectors. In education, the effects of emotional exhaustion and burnout are seen in the high numbers of teachers leaving the profession within the first five years. Simon Rowe is offering ACT for Staff Well-being, an evidence-based intervention using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – a therapeutic model used by psychologists and therapists across the world to bring about positive change for people. ACT processes help to:

  • Improve your emotional health and well-being
  • Untangle from work-related worry during evenings and weekends
  • Gain further clarity about your personal values – about what is important to you in life
  • Engage in actions and life-patterns that are consistent with your values
  • Learn mindfulness skills.
  • Develop effective strategies to help you to cope with, and be less controlled by, unwanted or unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

The ACT for Staff Wellbeing course has been extensively researched in the UK, Sweden and the USA over the last two decades. This research, involving nurses, government employees and teachers, has consistently shown a significant and positive effect on the general mental health of participants. The most recent studies are demonstrating the effectiveness of this ACT intervention for decreasing emotional distress and work-related exhaustion or burnout.

The Training is delivered over four, two-hour skills training workshops and is suitable for staff experiencing high levels of stress as well as those who are interested in improving their well-being more generally – whether in the workplace or in their lives outside work.

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